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Entrepreneurship Funding – State Resources

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  • Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen

    The Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen GmbH (BBS) is a publicly funded specialist financial institution. As a self-help institution for companies in the trade and industry sector, BBS provides financial support, alongside company banks, for promising projects at small- and medium-sized commercial enterprises, as well as from independent professionals in Saxony in the form of indemnity guarantees (bank guarantees). Website in German only.

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  • Mittelständische Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen

    The Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen mbH (MBG) is a privately held investment company with public funding. Its task is to improve the financing structures of medium-sized companies with the goal of stable corporate development. MBG acquires both silent capital and direct stakes in industrial companies.

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  • SAB Sächsische AufbauBank

    SAB is the central development agency, acting on behalf of the state of Saxony. SAB allocates and distributes development funding to businesses, technology companies and investors, housing developers and homeowners, as well as other social groups in Saxony. Funding takes the form of grants, subsidies, loans and guarantees. As a financial facilitator SAB offers a wide range of products and services, including low-interest loans and loan guarantees, direct investment, grants and financial consulting. In addition to acting on behalf of various tiers of government, SAB offers packages developed by the bank itself, based on its experience of meeting local needs and helping local businesses.

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  • Sachsen Ministry for Business, Labor, and Transportation

    The website of the Sachsen Ministry for Business, Labor, and Transportation offers information pertinent to these sectors in the state of Saxony. They also offer direct information for entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized enterprises in the region, as well as information pertaining to innovation in the state. Website in German only.

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  • SBG Sächsische Beteiligungsgesellschaft

    The SBG is closely related to the SAB (Saxony Aufbau Bank), and works with the bank to facilitate financing for small-and medium-sized enterprises. They offer advice and support for loan applications and individualized financing options. Website in German only.

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  • WFS – Saxony Economic Development Corporation (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH)

    WFS, on behalf of the state of Saxony, facilitates the establishment of new business enterprises in the state. They consult and advise entrepreneurs and foreign firms seeking to locate in Saxony, and provide networked connections to other foundations, banks and state institutions that are useful for start-ups in the region.

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