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German Innovations

From Aspirin to the Z3, the first programmable calculator and forerunner of present-day computers, Germany is a land of ideas, inventions, and innovations. Ever since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440, the successful history of “Made in Germany” unfalteringly continues. For centuries, German innovations have significantly shaped today’s world and promoted scientific, cultural, and economic progress in a myriad of ways.
A trademark for know-how and originality, Germany has always shared a top spot among Europe’s innovation leaders; and according to the 2016 European Innovation Scoreboard, "Germany continues to be a leader in innovation."
The innovations presented on this page were selected for E-NNOVATION GERMANY, the GCRI’s newsletter. If you have a suggestion for a “German Innovation of the Month,” please write to .

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  • May / June 2018: Digital Stuttering Therapy Speechagain

    May / June 2018: Digital Stuttering Therapy Speechagain

    Worldwide, about 1.2% of the population is affected by stuttering. This speech impediment impacts the quality of life for the 85 million people who stutter: 66% report  
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  • April 2018: Quizzer

    April 2018: Quizzer

    Quizzer by Mobile Learning Labs GmbH aims at revolutionizing employee training. Since 2015 the mobile application uses playful games to provide qualified employees with an  
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  • March 2018: Bio-Lutions

    March 2018: Bio-Lutions

    We are confronted daily with news and pictures of polluted beaches and seas of waste. This growing environmental crisis is caused by countless disposable products we use  
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  • February 2018: VATICAN - Outmaneuvers Attacks on Cars

    February 2018: VATICAN - Outmaneuvers Attacks on Cars

    Not too long ago, a car used to be made up of mostly mechanical parts bolted and welded together. Today, software defines what a car is and does: systems like Electronic  
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  • January 2018: The Lilium Jet

    January 2018: The Lilium Jet

    Lilium is an audacious aviation start-up based in Munich, Germany. Co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner, the team brings  
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