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GCRI at the 2016 European Career Fair

2/6/2016 | Cambridge, MA

GCRI at the 2016 European Career Fair

GCRI participated in the 20th annual European Career Fair (ECF) at MIT.

The ECF is an annual recruiting event, organized by the MIT European Club, which connects employers from Europe with the most talented candidates that live in the U.S.

The fair provided an opportunity to:

• facilitate matching between European employers and some of the brightest researchers who are interested in a career in Europe
• increase the awareness in the U.S. of the opportunities that European research offers

The European Commission has been partnering with the ECF since 2007 to promote Europe as a great place to pursue a career in science and technology, be it in industrial research, research organizations, academia, or science policy. EU member states promote participation via their national research organizations and companies engaged in research.

For more information, visit the European Career Fair website.

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