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The University of Tomorrow

5/9/2018, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM | German House New York

The University of Tomorrow

• UA57 German Universities of Applied Sciences

On May 9th, 2018, the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York and UAS7 (German Universities of Applied Sciences) hosted the panel discussion “The University of Tomorrow”.

The event began with Dr. Nina Lemmens introducing the DWIH and extending a warm welcome to the President of the DAAD, Prof. Dr. Margret Wintermantel and the panelists.

Dr. Britta Schumacher, Director of Liaison, UAS7 New York, introduced the UAS7 and Vice President Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich of the University of Applied Science Munich. She referred to a recently published UAS7 paper addressing how places of higher education and especially universities of applied sciences are changing in the digital age.

The Head of the Culture and Science of the German Consulate New York, Alexandra Brzezinski, welcomed everyone to the German House and stressed the importance of strengthening networks between the US and Germany. She thanked Prof. Wintermantel for her commitment and contribution to creating strong networks across the continents and promoting exchange as enrichment. She also expressed gratitude in the name of the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Government for the work of the DAAD and its contribution to mutual understanding.

Prof. Dr. Margret Wintermantel opened the panel by expressing her gratitude to all the partners and panelists. In her keynote she noted the challenges of digitalization in higher education. How will the digital age change the academic campus? What will it mean for the “University of Tomorrow”? How will digitalization change the way research is conducted and how scientists and the workforce are educated? Furthermore she pointed to the struggle of universities to provide funding for wireless access, to upgrade class room technology, and IT applications, and noted that she sees a great chance for public-private partnerships to help universities.

The foundation of the German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age shows, according to Prof. Dr. Wintermantel, that the need to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the universities of tomorrow and even for the universities of today, has been recognized.

“Digitalization is leading to a new form of collaboration,” suggested Oliver Janoschka, Managing Director, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung. He mentioned collaboration as one of the many opportunities for institutions in the “digital turn.” Universities should re-define physical spaces, like labs and co-working spaces for collaboration as well as collaborate to bringing experts together to learn from each other.

Michelle Norin, Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, stated that her role is to always think about technology, what comes next, and what the next focus of technology should be. She named technology as a critical strategic success factor for many organizations and elaborated on its challenges, like information security, and its opportunities, like cloud computing for universities.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich, Vice President, University of Applied Sciences Munich, UAS7 described digitalization as the next industry revolution. He elaborated on two aspects of digitalization; first, the chance to do everything a little bit smarter, and secondly, digitalization as content offered to students.

“Students ask themselves: why do I have to pay for the library and the sports team with my high tuition? Why can I not just pay for what I really need?” stated Jarek Gabor, CFO, Bertelsmann Education and explained the need for shorter, cheaper courses that bring students into jobs. Bertelsmann Educational Group was founded 3.5 years ago and has invested roughly $ 1 billion in US education companies since.

During the panel discussion, moderated by Scott Yoest, Senior Director of IT, Cornell Tech Campus, the panelist touched on topics like tuition, competency based programs, competitions for partnerships with the leading digital companies, and bringing personal device to school.

  • Featured Speakers

    • Prof. Dr. Margret Wintermantel

      President, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

    • Jarek Gabor

      CFO, Bertelsmann Education

    • Oliver Janoschka

      Managing Director, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung (German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age), Stifterverband

    • Prof. Dr. Klaus Kreulich

      Vice President, University of Applied Sciences Munich, UAS7

    • Michelle Norin

      Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey

    • Scott Yoest (Moderator)

      Senior Director of IT, Cornell Tech Campus