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Additive Manufacturing: New Horizons in Research and Industry

10/21/2016, 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM | New York University Tandon School of Engineering

Additive Manufacturing: New Horizons in Research and Industry

• Sensorial Materials Scientific Center

The symposium brought together researchers, manufacturers and users of additive manufacturing (3D printing) to discuss their respective interests and insights into future growth trends. The discussion also focused on identifying technical areas where future research and development efforts are needed. The presentations included:

• ASME perspective on future AM directions Raj Manchanda (American Society for Mechanical Engineers)
• The Bremen AM Habitat: From Academic Research to Industrial Application Dirk Lehmhus (University of Bremen)
• NYU Abu Dhabi - Current capabilities and research directions in Additive Manufacturing Khaled Shahin (NYUAD)
• Powder Production and Heat Treatment Technologies for Additive Manufacturing Axel von Hehl (IWT, Bremen)
• Metallic Additive Manufacturing research at Army Research Lab Brandon Mcwilliams (ARL, Aberdeen)
• Programmed materials Ohad Meyuhas (Stratasys)
• Sensor Integration in Additive Manufacturing - A Survey Dirk Lehmhus (University of Bremen)
• Voids in Materials: Building functionality Gary Gladysz (Dixie Chemicals)
• Additive manufacturing in biomedical applications Paulo Coelho (NYU College of Dentistry)

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