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Silicon Valley Field Trip

9/1/2011 | San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley Field Trip

GCRI and the German Academic International Network (GAIN) provided German researchers with the opportunity to experience the world of entrepreneurship.

Some of the 3,800 researchers from the German Academic International Network (GAIN) intend to turn their research findings into marketable products. The Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Network (GAIN-TEN) was created to support these individuals as they take their first steps towards bringing their ideas to the marketplace.

On September 1, registered German researchers met with the startup community in Silicon Valley. This one-day field trip before the GAIN conference provided access to the local network and its business-savvy and experienced startup mentors. Participating researchers were also introduced to Silicon Valley-based startups, support programs, such as the German Silicon Valley Accelerator, and funding opportunities in Germany that help researchers get their startup off the ground. For more information, please click here.

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  • Featured Speakers

    • Oliver Hanisch (Moderator)

      COO, German Accelerator

    • Dirk Kanngiesser

      CEO, German Accelerator Inc.

    • Dirk Lueth

      Founder and CEO, Entarena

    • Martin Reese

      President and CEO, Omicia

    • Daniel Zimmermann

      Partner, WilmerHale