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October 2016: KINEXON - Helping Coaches Measure, Analyze, and Improve Athletic Performance

Friday, October 28, 2016

October 2016: KINEXON - Helping Coaches Measure, Analyze, and Improve Athletic Performance

With the emerging digitization of sports, coaches as well as strength and conditioning specialists have demonstrated a growing propensity to integrate sensors and analytics software into their daily routines. Their goal is to optimize athletes' tactics, performance, and health conditions - and to get a competitive edge over other teams.

KINEXON, a New York and Munich-based company, is going to be a game changer in the digital transformation of sports. KINEXON builds smart wearable devices and web-based applications for precise sports performance analytics.

Using cutting-edge radio technology, KINEXON has created small sensors that accurately capture the motion and 3D position of athletes. In addition, vital parameters, such as a heart rate can be collected. A software platform transforms big data into smart insights in real time and presents the results on any mobile device. Coaches use this information to optimize training. For example, they can enhance sprint performance, analyze and improve the tactics of their team players, and reduce injuries.

Unlike traditional GPS tracking, the KINEXON sports system can be used in indoor and outdoor environments and has already been implemented in sports, such as basketball, American football, ice hockey, soccer, and rugby. Its partners and customers include a variety of clubs and national teams as well as global sports and technology companies like Red Bull and Intel.

Beyond the classical athlete monitoring use case, the technology offers enormous potential for digital enhancement of media productions. Sports media companies are increasingly seeking performance data to enrich sports content with relevant statistics.

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Source & Image: KINEXON