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August 2015: auticon - Tapping into the Talents of Autistic Adults

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 2015: auticon - Tapping into the Talents of Autistic Adults

Autistic adults frequently have difficulties securing or maintaining a job - often despite extraordinary analytical abilities and a high IQ. In fact, a mere 20 percent of Germans with Asperger's syndrome are currently in mainstream skilled employment.

auticon, the first German enterprise to exclusively employ adults on the autism spectrum as IT consultants, is seeking to change this situation of high unemployment and untapped potential. Pattern recognition, logic, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors are only a few of the outstanding qualities that employees with high-functioning autism bring to the labor market. These skills are of great value in areas such as security and deep web analysis, compliance and reporting, testing and quality management, transformation and migration, and data and business intelligence. In order to assist with any communication difficulties autistic consultants may have in social situations, auticon offers the support of specially trained job coaches who operate as intermediaries between consultants and clients and help to facilitate workplace adjustments.

auticon is a win-win-win situation for job seekers on the autism spectrum, clients, and society. Since its launch in 2011, auticon has employed 45 autistic adults, facilitating their entry into the mainstream labor market as well as their financial independence. By integrating auticon consultants into teams, auticon clients not only gain loyal and highly skilled employees, but they also significantly contribute to their company's in-house corporate social responsibility strategy and an increasingly inclusive labor market.

Two-thirds of German stock index (DAX) enterprises are auticon clients, including Vodafone, Infineon, and Siemens. The company has six branches across Germany with approximately 70 staff, 45 of whom are autistic. 61 percent of the company's autistic employees were unemployed before working at auticon.

The Berlin-based consulting firm has been featured in international media like The Guardian, BBC, and The Financial Times and has won an array of awards, including the 2015 Xing New Work Award, the 2015 Deutscher Gründerpreis, and the 2015 Land der Ideen Ausgezeichneter Ort prize. To learn more, click here for an Al Jazeera English video report.

Source & Image: auticon GmbH