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July 2014: OpenGo - World's First Fully Integrated Sensor Insole

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 2014: OpenGo - World's First Fully Integrated Sensor Insole

The Munich-based company Moticon has developed the world's first fully integrated, wireless, consumer-enabled, and cost-effective sensor insole for plantar pressure distribution measurement. This intelligent insole called "OpenGo Therapist" is equipped with sensors that measure a patient's or athlete's weight distribution and motion, providing data for gait training and overload prevention. The thin, flexible insole also measures balance, foot temperature, and acceleration, data that is then transmitted wirelessly to a mobile device.

From impact analysis after leg surgery to the optimization of a professional athlete's motion sequence, Moticon's intelligent insole offers many potential applications in sports and medicine. Measuring a patient's plantar distribution of pressure, for example, is a standard procedure in orthopedic care as well as in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. The OpenGo sensor insole can also be used as a personal trainer in a variety of sports where technique and performance are significantly based on the correct distribution of pressure and load. As the insole is easy to use and provides immediate feedback, the system helps athletes optimize their techniques. The common motions used while skiing or playing golf, for example, can be analyzed in real time and then transmitted to the user as acoustic signals via headphones.

The OpenGo insole is equipped with 13 unique, capacitive pressure sensors as well as a 3D acceleration sensor and temperature sensor. An integrated storage unit in the insole records the collected data, which can also be directly transmitted via the ANT enabled USB flash drive.

The OpenGo Therapist by Moticon was the Overall Winner of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 13/14 in Munich earlier this year as well as the winner in the competition's Healthcare & Wellness category.

Source & Image: © Moticon GmbH