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July 2013: fabbster 3D Printing for Everyone

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 2013: fabbster 3D Printing for Everyone

fabbster, a compact 3D printer for home and office use, prints three-dimensional, multicolor objects from different plastic materials. Toys, jewelry, or model parts are just a few examples of the materials that can be printed. The kit, which comes in a compact box as a partially assembled construction kit, can be completely mounted within three to five hours. The device, which was first developed in 2011, combines high quality 24V electronics and stepper drives guided by linear ball bearings with stainless steel and plastic components reinforced by fiberglass. It also includes a unique material feeding system, the stick deposition molding (SDM). During this printing process, geared material sticks are conveyed through a gearwheel and precisely melted within the extruder, before the material is applied in layers on the platform. In addition to its efficiency, fabbster provides the user with a variety of colors and material to choose from. All tools required for the assembly are included in the fabbster kit with a step-by-step assembly guide as well as videos of the various construction sequences.

The fabbster software, called netfabb engine, is also unique on the market, as it provides omni-functional software in one tool. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, users can start the 3D printing process from any computer.

fabbster is produced by Sintermask GmbH, a Lupburg-based manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines with access to 18 years of industrial experience.