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August 2014: labfolder - A Digital Notebook that Accelerates Scientific Research

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 2014: labfolder - A Digital Notebook that Accelerates Scientific Research

The Berlin-based start-up labfolder has created a novel interface for accelerating scientific data processing, namely an intelligent digital lab notebook that enables scientists to effortlessly document, archive, and share their research findings in a digital format.

Currently, up to 96% of all scientists still use paper notebooks to record their primary research data - a time-consuming process that also makes it difficult to reuse and communicate research findings with other scientists. In contrast, labfolder's Web 2.0 alternative is intuitive and easy-to-use; it helps eliminate the nuisance of searching through vast data sets stored on paper in various locations. To simplify scientific documentation and archival procedures, this cloud-based online platform is equipped with smart research tools, such as protocol templates, image annotation features, and sketch pad capabilities. In addition, group sharing functions help foster knowledge exchange, enabling scientists to more easily collaborate with fellow colleagues and researchers worldwide.

Free mobile apps for Android and iOS interfaces further support labfolder's vision of providing users unlimited access to their scientific data; Smartphones, tablets, and iPads can be used as digital lab notebooks to instantly record handwritten notes, sketches, and photographic results from experiments on-the-go - be it in the lab, at a conference, or out in the field.

For individual academic scientists and small research groups, labfolder's basic software is free. For larger research teams, the "Extended Team" edition, which offers functions tailored for managing such groups, is available for a monthly fee.

labfolder GmbH was founded by two scientists and a software architect who individually struggled with time-consuming research procedures in their labs. To emphasize labfolder's commitment to increasing the efficiency of lab research in general, the company welcomes customer feedback to further improve its digital lab notebook.

Source & Image: © labfolder GmbH