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June 2013: KISI – Keyless Home Access Management Platform

Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2013:  KISI – Keyless Home Access Management Platform

KISI is a digital doorman that allows users to provide timed, revocable entry into apartments on an as-needed basis.

Primarily designed for apartment tenants and office spaces which use regular services, such as delivery, dog walking, or cleaning, KISI makes an exchange of keys unnecessary by providing complete building access from a web-based dashboard. Operated via a smartphone, for example, KISI does not require any rewiring or change of existing hardware and is integrated into a building’s intercom system.

Equipping a high-rise building with smartphone-based access could cost more than $100,000. Since KISI is cloud-based and its lean system leverages existing infrastructure, these costs can be reduced to a fraction of this amount. This "virtual access network," in addition to already existing access infrastructure, gives KISI users the ability to remotely unlock doors for others or send temporary time-based entry permissions right onto a smartphone. At the same time, KISI also offers a traceable level of security by documenting every transaction and if needed, removing existing access rights. That way the office or apartment manager always knows who has keys and who used them.

The Munich-based start-up, which was founded in October 2012, was presented at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC in May 2013. One month prior, KISI won the NYC Next Idea competition of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Columbia University. Pilot projects are currently underway in New York City and Munich. To learn more, please click here.