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April 2014: TinkerBots - A Building Set that Makes Creating Toy Robots a Snap

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 2014: TinkerBots - A Building Set that Makes Creating Toy Robots a Snap

TinkerBots is a toy building set with easy-to-add robotics that make it possible for young children and adults to create an endless number of toy robots simply by snapping together TinkerBots' patented "Power Brain," kinetic modules, passive pieces, and even LEGO bricks. No wiring or programming is required; TinkerBots is like "living LEGOs." Children can build anything they can imagine, such as a dog that walks, a snake that slithers, a bug that crawls, or a tractor that digs.

The centerpiece of the TinkerBots building set is a square, red "Power Brain" module that contains an Arduino-compatible microcontroller, Bluetooth, USB port, lithium polymer batteries, and Gyro sensor. The "Power Brain" provides data and wireless power transmission to the kinetic modules.

Controlling TinkerBots robots is just as easy as it is to build them. An integrated record-and-play function on the "Power Brain" module enables children to teach their robots movements to bring them to life. They can do so by taking their creation into their own hands, pressing the record button, and moving the robot the way they want it to move. When children put the robot down and push the play button, the toy will repeat exactly what it just learned and will keep moving until it is turned off. The robots can also be remote-controlled using a tablet or smart phone with the TinkerBots app.

During its development by Kinematics GmbH, a technology and toy company based in Brandenburg, Germany, TinkerBots earned more than 20 awards from European design, education, and technology organizations. In March 2014, the world's largest computer expo CeBIT awarded TinkerBots the CeBIT Innovation Award 2014.

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Source & Image: © Kinematics GmbH