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September 2010: HyWindBalance - A Hydrogen Storage System for Wind Energy

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 2010: HyWindBalance - A Hydrogen Storage System for Wind Energy

HyWindBalance, a consortium of companies and organizations, develops, analyzes, and tests a system that permits wind energy to be stored in hydrogen for use on a schedule of demand. Besides the wind farms themselves, the systems utilize electrolysis, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and sophisticated control units that optimize the performance of the system by means of wind power prediction and load forecasting.

The main aim of this joint venture of scientific organizations, engineering companies, and consultancies, is to develop a wind hydrogen system that, functions as a »virtual power plant«, using carbon-dioxide-free options to balance naturally fluctuating wind power with predictable energy usage. The developing systems have the advantage of providing scheduled power generation, reduction of need for balancing power from conventional power plants and sale of wind-based electricity.

In the medium term, approximately in the year 2025, HyWindBalance hopes to sell part of the produced hydrogen outside of the energy sector, for example, as CO2-free fuel for road vehicles. HyWindBalance expects its market launch in 2020, and is a project co-funded by the federal state of Lower Saxony, the European Regional Development Fund, and EWE AG, one of Germany’s largest multi-service agencies in energy, IT, and telecommunications.

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