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The German Center for Research and Innovation is a cornerstone of the German government’s initiative to internationalize science and research. It provides information and support for the realization of collaborative projects between North America and Germany, and is one of five centers worldwide. Edit
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The Impact of Innovation on the Efficacy of Central Banks

At the GCRI

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, the German Center for Research and Innovation and Women in Sovereign Entities (WSE) will host a panel discussion on "The Impact of Innovation on the Efficacy of Central Banks."  
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myCopter points the way towards Personal Aerial Vehicles


Road congestion is a fact of everyday life for many people. A possible solution for the future is expanding personal transport to include aviation. High above the roads, the routes become much more flexible, and travellers can reach their destinations faster.  
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"The German Center of Research and Innovation in New York is a true example of where research should be headed in the 21st Century. By bringing together great minds from both Germany and North America, the collaborative effort will result in discoveries and progress that, without the GCRI, may never have been made."

Cornelia Pieper

Minister of State, Federal Foreign Office, Germany