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Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH)

From left to right: Ria de Bleser, Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, Harald Clahsen, Helmut Schwarz ©Humboldt-Stiftung/David Ausserhofer 

Once an Humboldtian, always an Humboldtian

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation sponsors top-flight foreign scientists and scholars who come to Germany on research fellowships and research awards to spend longer periods of time working with German colleagues. Humboldt Research Fellowships and Humboldt Research Awards are highly respected all over the world. It is something special to be a Humboldtian. That is why the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports each and every Humboldtian individually and flexibly – to ensure that the fellows and their families feel at home in Germany and are able to concentrate on their work.

Once a Humboldtian, always a Humboldtian. The alumni network is the Humboldt Foundation's greatest asset. It embraces over 26,000 scientists and scholars from all disciplines in more than 140 countries who are closely associated with Germany – among them 51 Nobel Prize winners. Even after their time in Germany has come to an end, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation stays in close contact with its alumni, and operates numerous alumni sponsorship programs for this purpose. The  fellowships granted by the Foundation to enable junior German researchers to collaborate as guest scientists and scholars with Humboldtians abroad allow both the host Humboldtians and their German guests to benefit equally from the Foundation’s network. 

Both in its marketing research in Germany and in the political dimension of its work the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation makes use of its greatest capital: the worldwide network of Humboldtians with its many representatives who hold not only important scientific posts but also leading and influential political positions.


  • Ambitions and Programmes

    Ambitions and Programmes

    This brochure gives an overview of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's most important programs and activities. Brochure size: 3.1 MB

  • Annual Report 2016 (German)

    Annual Report 2016 (German)

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  • German Chancellor Fellowship

    German Chancellor Fellowship

    Information for prospective leaders - boost your career with a year in Germany. Brochure size: 1.2 MB

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