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The German Center for Research and Innovation is a cornerstone of the German government’s initiative to internationalize science and research. It provides information and support for the realization of collaborative projects between North America and Germany, and is one of five centers worldwide.

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Rethinking Trauma as a Global Challenge

At the GCRI

On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, join a panel of experts for a discussion on the latest developments in trauma research as well as the challenges that still need to be addressed.  
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Protecting the rainforest through agriculture and forestry


Conservationists are always looking for ways to halt the pace of deforestation in tropical rainforests. One approach involves recultivating abandoned agricultural land.  
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"The German Center for Research and Innovation has been instrumental not only in enhancing the visibility of the German research and innovation landscape in the USA, but also in laying the foundation for future collaboration between Germany and the USA."

Dr. Peter Ammon

Ambassador, Federal Republic of Germany to the United States of America